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Train a Pair of Essential Skills
Load, Reload, Rinse, Repeat
Summer Concealed Carry
Pocket Defensive Handgun Comparison
How to Determine if you've got the right CCW weapon!


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Train a Pair of Essential Skills

I am asked often what can a CCW permit holder do away from the range to improve their skills. While I've discussed dry fire in other articles, this is on a pair of basic, nay, essential skills. Draw-stroke and Presentation, and Trigger Control. 

A solid draw-stroke and presentation from the holster is an essential skill to all defensive handgun application. A poorly executed draw and presentation means when you need your CCW handgun the most, you'll be late, off target, and probably lose your life.

Load, Reload, Rinse, Repeat

Let’stalk about semi-automatic pistol reload procedures. Bam! I just started a huge argument. Also, just to be ticklish, I want to propose a change to how we as a police/military/CCW shooting community train reloading our semi-automatic handguns.
To start off, there are techniques and there are procedures and by the way, they are not the same thing.Techniquesare non-prescriptive ways or methods used to perform functions or tasks.
 A Procedureis the physical and prescriptive “how” of doing that particular something.

Summer Concealed Carry

Hey, hot weather concealment is a common topic now with the Concealed Carry of Weapons (CCW) crowd. I have found people who carry all but religiously 9 months out of the year then hide a gun in their car during summer months because of the temps and humidity and of course the lighter, skimpier, shorter clothing.

(Ahem) Um,  it's one of the things I actually like about summer! (Nuff said, stay on topic!)

As always these are my opinions based on 35 years of carrying a handgun, in uniform and out, but mostly concealed.

Pocket Defensive Handgun Comparison

I get a lot of questions during training about what is the best compact handgun for CCW. The truth is there are a lot of quality firearmsin this category now, but what is best depends on, well, you. That’s not a dodge; it’s an inconvenient fact. Sure as I say Brand X in a certain caliber or millimeter is best someone will try it and find it lacking in some regard based on their hand size, their concealment method, or ability to shoot well.
I’ve compiled some basic measurements on a sampling of popular models, not necessarily recommending any of them but to help compare apples to apples and so on.

How to Determine if you've got the right CCW weapon!

How do you effectively evaluate a defensive handgun to see if it's right for you? One of the principal issues I see is people who "buy poorly" and have too little or too much gun. Interestingly the smarter some people are when it comes to purchasingTVs, cameras, clothes, or cars...the dumber they act when buying a gun.
I'm particularly talking about first time buyers who often just follow the advice of the dude in the gunstore or a local cop.
That's why we developed the Reed Ergo-Power Ration tool.

Defensive Handgun Assessment using the Reed Ergo-Power Ratio.

The Reed Ergo-Power Ratio
Once you select a defensive carry (CCW) handgun you like, ensuring it fits your hand, has a good trigger and set of sights, and of course is ergonomically (to you) conducive to a proper drawstroke and presentation, see if you can manage it by the test below. You'll quickly see how small caliber, low capacity, bump-sighted guns may conceal well but are not the most practical defensive concealment weapon.
A.    Identify the power factor from the caliber.

Outdoor people

It has been my privilege to live most of my life out of doors. From a 1960's Boy Scout forward through hunting, fishing, camping, and yes, government service.

I have spent some fine times sleeping on the ground in some incredibly awful places tempered by the equally incredible people I was with.

It seems I have always found myself standing or sitting around a drowning campfire, freezing in a ...stand, or being boiled alive in a punishing sun. Commiserating with men of such gravitas, as the day got worse, as the collective mood began to sour, their humor got better.

1911 Customization, Carry Cuts and Slide Stop Beveling

As to carry cuts and slide stop hole beveling on 1911s. 

I am by default against going too far off John Moses Browning's design. I can be wrong but seem to be still alive having heeded this principle and having defended myself with a Colt on more than one occasion. 

Relieving the slide that way reduces mass, meaning the recoil spring to gas to slide speed to firing pin spring weight must be all be in perfect balance or when something gets slightly off you have stoppages. Will a stock replacement recoil spring work or does it take a certain weight spring?

CCW Guardian Updates!

CCW Guardian, the premier iPhone app for CCW Permit Holders has been dynamically updated. 

Many new cool features, a website synch function, and many more improvements to aid in documenting your training.

Check it out at www.CCWGUARDIAN.com  Tell them I sent you!

Why train with a CCW permit?

I had a reader comment on a post asking, "Why is it important to document training and why pay for the CCW App?"

That's actually a great question and this was my response. 

Military and law enforcement train with their tools and weapons regularly to hone their skills, learn new ones, test their abilities under realistic conditions, and demonstrate proficiency to an established standard. Some do it better than others, but they all scrupulously document their training. 

This is a hedge against liability, as in a court of law your testimony may not be enough.

Dry Fire Practice

The topic of how to correctly dry fire a handgun for skill development come up often during our Tactical Analysis Group (TAG, LLC) training courses. The concern is safe doctrine and also productiveness. Can you really improve on your skills without firing a live shot? The answer is yes. 
Most top instructors are big fans of dry firing when conducted safely and properly. Dry firing can foster good trigger control and aid in perfecting the draw stroke and presentation as well as magazine changes and clearing stoppages.

Advanced Firearms Training

Your Carry of Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit training is probably mandated by the state and follows a state-mandated syllabus. The instructor you had (if he was a pro) followed the state curriculum guidelines to the letter to protect you from civil liability. If you never advance past this point and obey the law you have probably met the state-set standard for keeping your CCW permit.  But is this minimum standard all that is needed to protect yourself and your family during a violent critical incident?

Choosing a CCW Trainer

The decision to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) is an important and life-altering event. It can be based on an epiphany, perhaps that you and your family are not as prepared or protected as you thought. Conceivably you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime. Perhaps while watching the news you see that sudden violence can happen anywhere. Regardless, from this day forward your life will forever follow a new path, so the decision to seek out training and carry a concealed weapon should not be made casually.

CCW Handbags for Women's Concealed Carry

I get askedall the time by women I train about methods for carry and women's fashion.

Like I'd know.
But I have trained and do know a lot of armed ladies and female police/military folks.
Almost all major leather holster makers have catalogs that show specially designed holsters for women and purses with gun compartments.
A couple of cops and past students recommendwww.thewellarmedlady.com
You can also find dozens at Amazon and eBay (Montana West brand is popular)

Stay True

The Traditions/institutions from generations past anchor us to our joint history and secure our destiny.
We can move, pivot, and swing along the lines of whatever current waves comes our way, anchored securely, while still remaining steadfast to what built us as a nation.
But cutting this chain sets us adrift. Going too rapidly for the sake of ‘change’ without due consideration of consequence sounds bold, but is in fact immature and reckless.
We are in danger of being adrift without a compass.
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